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Current trends in Web Design

Web development has come a long way since the days of Tim Barners-Lee who created the world’s first Website. New technologies have paved the way for new ideas and the ever increasing demand from Internet surfers for unique and useful websites has grown tremendously.

The best way to capture a users attention is with sharp and clear HD images, and thanks to the increases in bandwidth, the slow download times are a thing of the past. Designers are utilising the new UHD and HD capable display systems to the maximum, using high quality video instead of the standard and boring text to inform and gain the interest of Internet users.

Simplistic and sleek design are becoming more common with Web development and the focus being on quality content that is useful and easy to understand, instead of the content full designs that overwhelm people with low quality content and images. Utilising video for product previews is becoming popular among designers as this appeals to the visual senses of Internet users, and it is common knowledge that people buy products based on visual appearance and a understanding of the product. A good product preview where a Internet user can see exactly what they are interested in buying, can be the key to successful sales figures.

The software tools avaliable today for designers has increased dramatically, making it easier and more cost effective to develop a website. Sharing information is easier now as it was in the past and is crucial to improve and design a better looking website for all Internet users.

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